• Registration fee: 60 euros (50 euros for subscribers to Seicorde) to be paid by Monday 15 July 2019 by bank transfer to the UniCredit Banca account in the name of the Cultural Association Il Clavicembalo Verde. Iban IT41I0200801637000040326031, BIC / SWIFT: UNCRITM1237 specifying in the reason “Seicorde Academy” and the name and surname of the participant.
  • Course fee: 240 euros (100 euros for Auditors) to be paid by Friday 15 August 2019 on the same bank account specified above, indicating the reason: “Seicorde Academy” and the name and surname of the participant.
  • Accomodation fee: students enrolled in the course will have access to a special formula that provides the accomodation at the Camplus Turro, via Stamira d’Ancona, 25 – 20127 Milan Italy at the total cost, for 3 nights in double room and full board, of 270 , 00 euros + 9 euros of stay tax for the entire period of the courses
    Full board includes:
    1) buffet breakfast
    2) meals with choice of menu, consisting of a first course, second course, dessert or fruit, mineral water and wine for adults
    3) alternative meals for people with food intolerances
    4) wifi internet connection in all hotel rooms
    5) gym and fitness center

    Students who intend to use this formula of accomodation at Camplus Turro will have to pay together with the payment of the participation fee also the accomodation fee, by Friday 15th August 2019 on the same bank account specified above. Students who do not intend to make use of the accomodationy at Camplus Turro will only pay the registration and participation fee within the 15th of August and they will pay the amount of meals consumed directly at the Camplus. Any companions will be able to enjoy the same convention, by paying the registration fee of 60 euros. Companions will be able to freely attend all the lessons and concerts organized during the course. For information, please call +39.3393419799

  • There will be a maximum number of 30 active students.
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