General Rules

Art. 1. The Aprom Association of Brescia promotes the advanced guitar specialization course called “Seicorde Academy”, which will be held this year in Brescia from 6 to 10 September 2023.

Art. 2. Participation in the courses of the Seicorde Academy is open to active students and auditors, of any nationality, without age limits.

Art. 3. Effective students must attach a brief curriculum vitae, a recent color photograph and a photocopy of a valid identity document to the application.

Art. 4. Active students will be able to carry out four individual lessons during the entire period of the courses, two for each teacher, with the teachers Marco Tamayo and Giulio Tampalini. They will also have free access to all planned concerts. Auditor students will be able to freely attend all the educational and concert activities that will take place during the courses.

Art. 5. Each individual lesson will last 50 minutes. Lessons will begin on Wednesday 6 September at 9.00 and will end on Sunday 10 September at 18.00. The daily timetable of the courses will be as follows: 9.00-13.00; 14.30-19.00. The definitive calendar of lessons will be communicated by 3 September 2023.

Art. 6. The first ten students who request it will be able to attend a masterclass in “Composition, arrangement and transcription for guitar”, divided into four meetings, held by the guitarist and composer Daniele Fabio. The cost of the masterclass with Maestro Fabio is 160.00 euros.

Art. 7. To enroll in the courses, it is necessary to fill in the online enrollment form with one’s personal data (name, surname, address, place and date of birth, level of studies).

Art. 8. Minors enrolled must attach written authorization, complete with email and telephone number, from both parents.

Art. 9. In case of photographic, radio, television, web recordings and recordings during the course or concerts, the participants are not entitled to any economic compensation. By registering for the course, they also sign a release for the free use of their images and recordings by the organization to document and promote musical activities related to the Seicorde Academy. For minors, the authorization is granted by a parent or guardian.

Art. 10. The registration fee of 50.00 euros plus the course participation fee of 300.00 euros (100.00 euros for Auditors) must be paid at the same time as the application is sent, no later than Monday 31 July 2023 by bank transfer to the account held in the name of Aprom Music promotion association – BCC Brescia bank account Iban IT24W0869211204025000254445 Bic Swift CCRTIT2TH00 specifying the reason for payment “Seicorde Academy” and the name and surname of the participant. Students who want to participate in the Masterclass of M° Daniele Fabio must indicate it in the registration form and pay an extra fee of 160.00 euros.

Art. 11. For the stay during the days of the Seicorde Academy, students are advised to book their room through online platforms, taking into account the distance from the centre. Lunch and dinner are affiliated with the Seicorde Academy at the Cafè Ristorante Floriam, in Piazza Loggia.

Art. 12. A maximum number of 24 active students is foreseen. In the event of requests exceeding availability, the organization will admit candidates based on the order in which applications are received (receipt of the online registration form is proof).

Art. 13. The final concert of the students of the Seicorde Academy will take place on Sunday 10 September 2023.

Art. 14. Registered participants must present themselves on 6 September 2023 at h. 9.00 at the course venue. It will be possible to arrive the evening before the start of the course, agreeing with the management on terms and costs.

Art. 15. All students, active and auditors, who have attended at least 70% of the lessons, will be issued a diploma of participation.

Art. 16. The enrollment fee will be refunded only in the event of cancellation of the course.

Art. 17. The best active students, up to a maximum of six, on the unquestionable judgment of a commission made up of Marco Tamayo, Giulio Tampalini, chaired by Filippo Michelangeli, will be offered the possibility of being presented in a CD attached to the monthly Suoonare news in 2024. The registrations must be carried out at their own expense in a professional manner and the regulation for the delivery of the registrations will be communicated later. Nothing will be due for the use of the aforementioned recordings. The commission will also award two prize concerts for four students offered by the Martial Music Festival of Seveso (MI) and by the Aprom Association of Brescia plus three scholarships assigned by Curci Editions in Milan and by Associazione La Passione di Yara in Bergamo.

Art. 18. The organization declines all responsibility for any damage to persons or things during the course of the event.

Art. 19. If the course is canceled due to force majeure, for example a worsening of the health emergency that prevents any type of travel, even for study or work reasons, the registration and attendance fees will be fully refunded.

Art. 20. Participation in the advanced guitar specialization courses of the Seicorde Academy implies the unconditional acceptance of these regulations.

Art. 21. In case of divergences on the interpretation of the translation, the Italian text will prevail.








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