General Rules

Art. 1. The Cultural Association “Il Clavicembalo Verde” in Milan promotes the International Guitar Masterclass called “Seicorde Academy”, which will be held in Milan at the “Camplus” Turro, from 5 to 8 September 2019

Art. 2. The participation in the Milano International Guitar Courses, promoted by Seicorde Academy, is open to effective students and auditors, of any nationality, without any limit of age.

Art. 3. Effective students must attach to the application a short curriculum, a recent color photograph and a photocopy of a valid identity document.

Art. 4. Effective students will attend three individual lessons during the whole course with professors Paolo Pegoraro, Marco Tamayo and Giulio Tampalini (one lesson with each professor) They will also have free access to any planned concerts. The auditors will be able to freely attend all the activities that will take place during the courses.

Art. 5. Each individual lesson will last 50 minutes. Lessons will start on Wednesday 2nd September at 9.00 am and will end on Sunday 6th September at 6.00 pm. Daily lessons timetable will be as follows: 9.00-12.30; 14:00-19:10. The final schedule of the lessons will be announced by September 1, 2020.

Art. 6. To register for the International Milan Guitar Courses it is necessary to submit the subcription form with your name, surname, address, place and date of birth, level of studies and to accept the general rules of the Seicorde Academy.

Art. 7. Minors must include a written authorization, complete with email address and telephone number of both parents.

Art. 8. In the case of photographic, radio, television, web, cd recording during the concerts, the participants are not entitled to any financial compensation. By registering, they also sign a release for free use of their images and recordings by the organization to promote musical activities related to the Seicorde Academy. For minors, the authorization is granted by a parent or a tutor.

Art. 9. The registration fee of 60 euros must be paid by Monday 15 July 2019 (reduced to 50 euros for subscribers to Seicorde magazine) by bank transfer to “UniCredit Banca” in the name of “Associazione Culturale Il Clavicembalo Verde”, IBAN: IT41I0200801637000040326031, BIC/SWIFT: UNCRITM1237 specifying in the reason”Seicorde Academy” and the name and surname of the participant.

Art. 10. The course fee of 290,00 euros (90.00 euros for auditors) must be paid by Wednesday 15 July 2020 to the same bank account specified above, indicating the reason: “Seicorde Academy” and the name and last name of the participant.

Art. 11. Students enrolled in the course will have access to a special formula that provides the accomodation at Camplus Turro, via Stamira d’Ancona, 25 – 20127 Milan Italy at the total cost, for 3 nights in a double room and full board, of 360, 00 euros + 12 euros of stay tax for the entire period of the courses. Students who wish to use this formula at Camplus Turro must pay the accomodation fee within 31st July 2020. Students who do not intend to make use of the accomodation at the Camplus Turro will only pay the registration and participation fee for the courses and they will pay the cost of the meals consumed directly at the Camplus (12 euros for each meal).

Art. 12. There is a maximum number of 40 active students. In case of requests exceeding the availability, the organization will admit candidates on the order of arrival of their application.

Art. 13. Sunday 6th September 2019 the final concert of the students will take place.

Art. 14. Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be held at the internal restaurant of the Camplus Turro open from 7.00 to 9.30 (breakfast), from 12.30 to 14.00 (lunch) and from 19.30 to 21.00 (dinner)

Art. 15. Participants must present themselves on 2nd September 2020 at 8.30 am at the Camplus Turro, address: Via Stamira d’Ancona, 25, Milan Italy. It will be possible to arrive at the Camplus the evening before the course starts. In this case it will be necessary to contact the direction for information on costs and availability of places.

Art. 16. A membership certificate will be issued to all students, both effective and auditors.

Art. 17. The registration fee will be returned only in case of impossibility to accept the application due to the eventual cancellation of the course. The participation fee can only be returned in the event of serious and proven impediments.

Art. 18. The best active students, up to a maximum of six, will be offered the possibility of being presented on a CD attached to the Italian magazine Seicorde during the year 2020. The audio recording must be accomplished in a professional way directly by each student. The choice of the best students for the CD will be made by a commission formed by Paolo Pegoraro, Marco Tamayo, Giulio Tampalini, chaired by Filippo Michelangeli. Nothing will be due for the use of the aforementioned recordings.

Art. 19. The organization accepts no responsibility for any damage to people or property during the course of the event.

Art. 20. Participation in the International Milan Guitar Courses – “Seicorde Academy” involves the unconditional acceptance of this regulation.

Art. 21. In the event of disputes regarding the interpretation of the translation to English, the Italian text is authoritative.

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