Masterclass M° Fabio

Teacher: Maestro Daniele Fabio

The masterclass includes four meetings, lasting two hours each, held by the guitarist and composer Daniele Fabio, during which compositional techniques of different genres and fields will be learned to be applied to writing for solo guitar, exploring approaches to the instrument and transversal instrumental techniques. Each student will also be accompanied by the teacher in writing a piece for solo guitar of his own composition, putting into practice the knowledge and techniques acquired during the course.

A path suitable not only to introduce guitar composition, but also to implement interpretative skills by improving analytical and instrumental skills, and to be able to autonomously produce original transcriptions, arrangements and rewritings for guitar. Each student will be accompanied by the teacher in writing a compositional project to be developed, or a transcription to which to apply this knowledge. Each student will also have the opportunity to meet with the teacher even after the masterclass, receiving further feedback and advice on how to proceed with their project.

Topics of the Masterclass
● Tonal harmony and modal harmony
● Elements of counterpoint and analysis
● Morphological, stylistic, melodic and harmonic construction and analysis
● Atonality, serialism and contemporary avant-gardes
● Introduction and practice of guitar arrangement, reduction and transcription
● Introduction to the main modern characteristic guitar genres and fields
● Exploration of transversal techniques (precussive use of the guitar, tapping, timbre research, etc.)
● Introduction and practice of improvisation
● Introduction and practice of counterpoint and harmonization on the guitar
● Introduction and practice of composing on the guitar
● Development of own compositional language

Graduated in classical guitar and composition, he extended his studies in various fields and genres, such as the lute and ancient music, guitar and jazz composition, word music and ethnic instruments, rock, singing. Winner of international competitions as a guitarist and as a composer. His versatility allows him to participate as a multi-instrumentalist, singer, arranger and composer in numerous record productions and concert tours in different fields and genres. He collaborates with orchestras, such as the Calabria Philharmonic, the Bazzini Consort Orchestra, the Lenardo Vinci Orchestra, the wind orchestra for the Bergamo Conservatory, and others, writing music and arrangements, which will be recorded for record productions and performed in Italy and abroad. But also with jazz, pop and rock artists such as Ennio Rega, Massimo Ferrante, the Corvi and many others. He has an intense concert activity as a soloist and in formations both in Italy and abroad. His music has been performed both by himself as an interpreter and by concert artists and orchestras in contexts such as the Gaber Auditorium – Pirelli Skyscraper in Milan, the Ancient Theater of Taormina, the El Jam Amphitheater (Tunisia), the Belmont Parsh Hall (England), Minnesota Gui- tar Society (USA), Indian Guitar Federation Calcutta Guitar Festival (India), Cultural Institute of Hamburg (Germany), Cialo Project – Indonesian Embassy (Indonesia), Antwerp Conservatory, IPEM Ghent University, Laboratoire de Musicologie-University of Brussels, (Belgium), Wolfsberg Scholls (Switzerland), Auditorium San Barnaba in Brescia, Teatro Rendano in Cosenza, to name a few. His production for guitar is particularly flourishing, his compositions and arrangements are performed internationally by Masters such as Thu Le, Giulio Tampalini, Christian Saggese, Nicola Montella, Piero Viti and many others. He collaborates with various theater companies, composing the music and playing the soundtracks live. In 2017 he began his solo recording journey, as a guitarist and composer, for the Movimento Classical label. He begins a stable collaboration with Giulio Tampalini with whom he performs concerts in guitar duo, performing in important festivals and reviews in Italy and abroad, recording in 2019 a disc of original compositions “Dusofera”. He signs soundtracks for documentaries and short films. His compositions are published by Edizioni Curci. He carries out master classes and masterclasses in guitar, composition, arrangement and improvisation in Italian institutes and conservatories.




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